Telecom Egypt's Infrastructure: The Heart of the Digital World

By Mohamed Eldahshory and Ola Khaled
November 29, 2021

Telecom Egypt has a history of over 165 years serving its customers in Egypt, the region, and beyond using state-of-the-art technology, reliable infrastructure solutions, and a wide network of submarine cables. Capitalizing on Egypt’s location at the heart of the world, the company provides advanced telecom solutions to the market and offers unmatched value propositions to simplify people’s lives. Egypt has, and always will, serve as a critical international hub for global communication networks that connect Africa, Asia, and Europe, as its network serves as the shortest and most reliable path between the continents, making it the ideal pathway for data to reach global destinations.

With the rise of the 4th industrial revolution and the introduction of new, capacity hungry technologies, an exploding amount of data is being exchanged between continents, necessitating the establishment of additional transport channels and newer local data storage means. In that regard, Telecom Egypt continuously develops its local and international network infrastructure to offer world-class solutions and contribute to complete national digitization, aiming to position Egypt as a regional digital hub, in line with the Egyptian government’s digital transformation initiative.

Telecom Egypt: The Digital Hub

The company is the key enabler and provider of international connectivity in Egypt. It is also evolving to become a leading ICT provider that offers a complete range of digital solutions as it gradually moves on from the connectivity layer of its digital pyramid to the data center layer. Through its progress in the data center business, Telecom Egypt aims to provide a variety of solutions to customers and ultimately ascend to the application layer, contributing to the future of Egypt and the region.

Telecom Egypt builds its data centers by capitalizing on five main pillars:

  • Egypt’s strategic geographical location
  • Telecom Egypt’s extensive connectivity and access
  • Certified personnel
  • International data center standards
  • The data center’s client mix


Currently, Telecom Egypt owns and operates seven commercial data center facilities located within Greater Cairo and Alexandria and will continue to expand this business by building facilities across the country. The company’s international standard data centers, cloud platforms, and solutions are designed to enable swifter decision-making processes, faster communication, enhanced security, smooth operations, and sustained profitability.

Telecom Egypt’s new data center facility

Telecom Egypt has completed the first phase of Egypt's largest international data center facility. It will be the first in the country to obtain all three of the Uptime Institute's certifications in the Design, Constructed Facility, and Operational Sustainability categories. Earlier in August, the data center was granted the Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility while in 2020, it was granted the Tier III Certification of Design from the Uptime Institute after a rigorous assessment of all aspects of the facility and its operations, unaffected by expected delays from the pandemic. The facility features international standard management and technical support, redundant telecommunication infrastructure, and international connectivity to global subsea systems.

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