SubCom Continues Quality Manufacturing and Installation of Next Generation SDM High Fiber Count Undersea Systems

SubCom will deliver SDM (space division multiplexing) and HFC (high fiber count) architecture to Google's Dunant submarine cable system.SubCom Press Release
April 8, 2019

EATONTOWN, N.J., USASubCom, the leading global partner for today's undersea infrastructure, continues to deliver state-of-the-art, best value systems to customers, providing industry leading products and marine installation as well as post-installation operations support services.

Next Generation Technology

On April 5th, Google announced the implementation of SubCom’s space division multiplexing technology (SDM) and high fiber count (HFC) architecture for the Dunant trans-Atlantic cable system. Dunant will be the first ever in-service undersea cable featuring a 12 fiber-pair SDM design. Dunant will also deliver record-breaking capacity of 250 terabits per second across the Atlantic.

SubCom will be first to market with HFC, power-efficient and capacity-optimized cable systems, which make use of the company’s SDM technology. SubCom repeaters incorporate SDM technology with an HFC solution that utilizes pump sharing amplifier architecture for increased system reliability and optimized cost-effective capacity. This flexible architecture allows every amplifier to be supported by a combination of pump lasers, thus providing maximum overall capacity across 12FP, 16FP and 24FP trunk and branch segments.

Additionally, SubCom’s Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) ROADM technology is now in production. WSS filter technology supports fully-flexible, reconfigurable routing of the optical spectrum on each fiber pair. This flexibility allows customers to dynamically reassign the optical spectrum between trunk and branches throughout the system’s life to achieve maximum value. Further flexibility is achieved using SubCom’s enhanced branching units (eBU) for optical path switching on up to 24FP branches.

Manufacturing Capabilities

SubCom has implemented process improvements to increase both product quality and manufacturing efficiency in the company’s New Hampshire, USA factory. The company is using the latest tools and equipment to drive improvements in cable manufacturing, optical assembly and system integration. In addition, SubCom continues to invest in manufacturing technology to ensure plant alignment and readiness for next generation HFC cables, repeaters, branching units and WSS ROADMs.

System Support Continues Post Construction Completion

SubCom’s commitment to quality extends into system support post-completion. The company’s Global Technical Support Center (GTSC) supports one third of all subsea cables, totaling 44 international systems and over 365,000 km.

For customers seeking additional operations support, SubCom remains the leading provider of Network Operation Center (NOC) and Network Administration (NA) services for 24/7 network monitoring and management.

SubCom Celebrates Lowest Average Industry Fault Rate

 These commitments, as well as SubCom’s record of the lowest average fiber optic cable fault rate in the industry, reinforce the value realized by cable owners when upfront investments are made in quality engineering, manufacturing and system installation. SubCom customers benefit from the best value undersea infrastructure over a system’s lifetime. As an example, the MAREA transatlantic cable, which came into service in 2018 and was delivered by SubCom, achieved record-breaking data transfer speeds of 26.2 terabit per second per fiber pair, which is 20% higher than the initial cable design. This is a testament to the resilience, reliability and quality of SubCom products.

“We’re proud to consistently provide our customers with robust, future-proofed products that enable cable systems to operate at their peak performance over many years,” said David Coughlan, CEO of SubCom. “Our customers have peace of mind knowing that our strong optical and marine engineering offer them the best value for their investment. Getting the wet plant right and having the best products, installation and maintenance technology is the key to ensuring long-term, successful operation.”

About SubCom

SubCom is the leading global partner for today's undersea data transport requirements. SubCom designs, manufactures, deploys, maintains, and operates the industry's most reliable fiber optic cable networks. Its flexible solutions include repeaterless to ultra-long-haul, offshore oil and gas, scientific applications, and marine services. SubCom brings end-to-end network knowledge and global experience to support on-time delivery and meet the needs of customers worldwide. To date, the company has deployed over 200 networks – enough undersea cable to circle Earth more than 17 times at the equator.


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