Submarine Cable From Latin America To Asia Has A Name

The submarine cable from Chile to Asia found its official name, Humboldt, through a social media campaign hosted by SUBTEL.By Jose Carvajal Vega
January 27, 2021

Through a contest, the Telecommunications Undersecretariat (Subtel) together with Country Development, sought to establish the official name for the submarine cable that seeks to link Latin America, in Chile, to Asia . After a wide participation with proposals, as well as with the votes, there is already a name.

According to the winning proposal, by Ramón Pereira, the name that said cable will bear will be: Humboldt. The decision was made after this option was the most voted on the institutions’ social networks. Through its Twitter account, Subtel celebrated the decision:

Chile’s transoceanic submarine cable with Asia hopes to connect that continent through Oceania. Until now it is still in feasibility and financing studies for its construction.

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