Submarine Telecoms Industry Report 12th Issue – Now Available!

Explore the latest in subsea telecoms with the 12th Submarine Telecoms Industry Report: AI impact, regulatory insights, cable ships & more!

Submarine Telecoms Forum Press Release
October 25, 2023

The 12th Anniversary Issue of the Submarine Telecoms Industry Report is now AVAILABLE!

What's Inside:

This year we welcome the Foreword written by the Secretary General of the International Telecommunications Union, Doreen Bogdan-Martin.


  • Video Introductions from Industry Leaders: Hear directly from the people shaping the future of our industry, sharing their insights and visions through engaging video content.
  • Visual Data from the Annual State of the Industry Poll: Dive into comprehensive visual representations of this year’s industry data, providing you with clear and actionable insights.
  • In-Depth Analysis Enhanced by Power BI: Experience enhanced depth in our analysis, now enriched with Power BI integration for more detailed and insightful data interpretation.
  • Revamped Cable Ship Section: Explore our overhauled section on cable ships, delving into the critical role these vessels play in the maintenance, installation, and repair of submarine cables worldwide.
  • Introduction of New Regulatory Outlook Section: Navigate through the complexities of the evolving regulatory landscape with our new section dedicated to exploring the policies shaping the future of submarine communications.
  • Exploration of the Impact of Artificial Intelligence: Understand how Artificial Intelligence is transforming our industry, with in-depth analysis on its implications and potentials.
  • 7 Regional Breakdowns: Gain regional perspectives with breakdowns that cover the diverse landscapes of the submarine cable world.

What else to look forward to:

  • Global Overview: From our annual reader pulse check to the 150th anniversary celebrations of our industry, explore system growth and global developments like never before.
  • Global Capacity and Pricing: Delve into capacity estimates and pricing trends, ensuring you're up to date with the current state of the market.
  • Ownership Financing Analysis: Navigate through historic perspectives, regional analyses, and both current and future financing estimates.
  • Supplier and System Maintenance Analysis: Explore comprehensive insights on system suppliers, installers, and maintenance trends, along with a look at out-of-service systems and recent industry mergers and acquisitions.
  • Market Drivers and Influencers: Join the conversation on the role of Hyperscalers and Data Center providers in the submarine fiber industry.
  • Special Markets and Regional Analysis: From Offshore Energy and Unrepeatered Systems to a continued focus on Sustainability in Subsea, and a detailed regional market analysis and capacity outlook.

Explore the submarine cable industry like never before with the 12th edition of the Submarine Telecoms Industry Report, your comprehensive guide to the trends, changes, and innovations shaping our world.


Your investment and trust make this publication possible, and we extend our deepest gratitude for your continued support.