3.3.1 Current Surveys

Based on announced activity, EGS and Fugro have survey experience in nearly every region of the world. Gardline and Elettra are also quite diverse, while smaller companies focus more on specific regions.

When looking at the big picture, many of these companies overlap – providing comprehensive global survey capability for the industry at large. While completing a survey is generally the first crucial step for an upcoming system, a surveyor should always be available regardless of the system’s timeline. This allows a cable owner a great deal of flexibility when planning their new system.

Of systems surveyed for the period 2015-2019, reported activity shows that EGS has been the busiest surveyor by a large margin and accounts for nearly half of all survey activity by itself. Fugro has performed the next most amount of surveys with Elettra and International Telecom rounding out the top 4. This compares well with regional capability, as those that can serve the most regions tend to be the busiest. (Figure 40)

Figure 40 - Systems Surveyed by Company, 2015-2019

Figure 40 – Systems Surveyed by Company, 2015-2019

3.3.2 Planned Surveys

Completing a survey is one of the first real hurdles on the way to system implementation and only 29 percent of planned systems for the period 2020-2022 have performed this task. Additionally, only 39 percent of all systems planned for 2020 have completed a survey. This means that only a handful of systems planned for 2020 are on track as the timeline for manufacture and installation of a typical submarine cable system is about 18 months from survey end to system completion. This time last year, 47 percent of systems planned for the following year had completed their survey. (Figure 41)

Figure 41 - Survey Status of Planned Systems, 2020-2022

Figure 41 – Survey Status of Planned Systems, 2020-2022