This edition of the Submarine Telecoms Industry Report was authored by the analysts at STF Analytics, a Division of Submarine Telecoms Forum, Inc. It provides submarine cable system analysis for SubTel Forum’s Submarine Cable Almanac, Cable Map and Industry Newsfeed. For the Industry Report, STF Analytics utilizes both interviews with industry experts and its proprietary Submarine Cable Database, which was initially developed in 2013 and updated with real-time data thereafter. The database tracks some 400+ current and planned domestic and international cable systems, including project information suitable for querying by owner, year, project, region, system length, capacity, landing points, installers, etc.

The Submarine Cable Database is purpose-built by STF Analytics’ database administration team, which is powered by My SQL and retained on a Microsoft Azure platform. Data is collected from the public domain and interviews with industry experts and is the most accurate, comprehensive and centralized source of information in the industry. At present, STF Analytics’ Submarine Cable Database chronicles the work of some 18 financiers, 477 cable owners, 22 system suppliers, 12 upgraders, 15 system surveyors and 25 system installers. In addition, it manages data for some 400+ projects, across seven regions and 840+ landing points.

Figure 1 - Worldwide Map of Submarine Cable Database

Figure 1 – Worldwide Map of Submarine Cable Database

To accomplish this report, STF Analytics conducts continuous data gathering throughout the year. Data assimilation and consolidation in its Submarine Cable Database is accomplished in parallel with data gathering efforts. General trending is accomplished using known data with linear growth estimates for up to three following years.

For capacity growth, two different ways of determining Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) are used. The first method calculates a CAGR for a given time period – e.g., a CAGR for the period 2014-2018. The second method calculates a rolling two-year CAGR to minimize extreme variance while also showing a useful year-to-year growth comparison.

STF Analytics collected and analyzed data derived from a variety of public, commercial and scientific sources to best analyze and project market conditions. While every care is taken in preparing this report, these are our best estimates based on information provided and discussed in this industry.