Submarine Telecoms Market Sector Report: Regional Systems Edition

By Kieran Clark
July 20, 2020

To address the growing reporting and analysis needs of the submarine fiber industry, SubTel Forum Analytics continues its Market Sector Report series – designed to provide the industry with the information it needs to make informed business decisions. The Submarine Telecoms Market Sector Reports cover a specific sector of the submarine fiber industry and areupdated on a quarterly basis. The Regional Systems edition provides region by region overview of the state of the submarine fiber industry.

SubTel Forum Analytics collected and analyzed data derived from a variety of public, commercial and scientific sources to best analyze and project market conditions. While every care is taken in preparing this report, these are our best estimates based on information provided and discussed in this industry.

The following Executive Summary provides an overview of the topics addressed in the Regional Systems Market Sector Report.

Executive Summary

The submarine fiber market continues to grow through 2020 at a similar rate to that observed since 2016. Some regions have begun to slow their pace with fewer systems planned beyond 2021. There are some overbuild concerns considering the rapid pace of system development over the last few years, but many cable systems that are reaching the end of their economic and technological lifespans and will need replacing.

Due to increasing capacity demands along the north Transatlantic between New York and Europe, and the desire for new connections to the Mid-Atlantic of the United States and across the South Atlantic, the Transatlantic route has enjoyed steady growth. The need for more infrastructure is on the rise by Content Providers operating in the region and upgrades to existing systems do not adequately meet demand. (Figure 1)

As with the Transatlantic market, until very recently the Transpacific has been almost fully saturated with available capacity, leaving little room for growth other than route diversity and cutting down on existing latency. Lately, however, new systems are being explored in a similar manner to the Transatlantic. Demand from Content Providers and increased desire for route diversity are the primary drivers behind these newer Transpacific systems.

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