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SubTel Forum Press Release Issue #135 of SubTel Forum brings expert analysis on subsea cable policies, global security, industry regulation, and future forecasts.
March 18, 2024


What's Inside:

Issue #135 of SubTel Forum Magazine offers an insightful look at the International Cable Protection Committee's 2024 conference, exploring significant reasons to participate and the event's full plenary schedule. This issue takes a deep dive into the best practices for subsea cable policy, the impact of global national security on the industry, and the latest advancements in fiber optic cables. Regulatory challenges and strategies for recovering decommissioned subsea cables are examined, along with a closer look at free trade issues specific to the submarine cable industry.

SubTel Forum Exclusive:

6 Questions With Ryan Wopschall

Feature Articles:

  • Why Attend 2024 ICPC? Plus ICPC Plenary Schedule
  • Good Practices for Subsea Cable Policy by Sonia Jorge, Evelyn Namara, and Tahani Iqbal
  • Global National Security and Sanctions by Andrew D. Lipman and Denise S. Wood
  • Iris and Fiber Optic Cables by Fernando Margarit, Uriel A. Mendieta, Brittany E. Buhler, and Michael J. Sanchez
  • The Role of Regulation in Recovering Decommissioned Subsea Cables by Anjali Sugadev, Isabelle Cherry, Michael Brand, and Michelle Elsa George
  • Free Trade Challenges in the Submarine Cable Industry by Patricio Rey
  • The Global Subsea Network 2024: A Personal View by John Tibbles
  • Forecasting the Voyage by Syeda Humera and Kristian Nielsen

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