Submarine Telecoms Forum Magazine Issue 107 – Regional Systems Is Now Live!

Issue 107 of SubTel Forum is now available. This month's issue discusses regional challenges the submarine fiber industry faces.SubTel Forum Press Release
July 22, 2019

SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that Issue 107 of the Magazine is now available!

In this issue we discuss the health, wellness and future of developing regions and their impact on the global submarine fiber market.


Featured articles:

  • Lighting up the Pacific by John Hibbard and Paul McCann
  • Ireland: The Regional Communication Infrastructure Approach Needs to be an International One by Derek Cassidy
  • Breaking the Ice by Hector Hernandez
  • Grand Plans: Atlantic Digital Port by Fiona Beck
  • Operating As a New-Age Telco for Africa Through Strategic System Decisions by Steve Briggs
  • When Should You Consider an Unrepeatered Solution? by Anders Ljung, Tony Frisch and Lynsey Thomas
  • 5 Questions with Philippe Dumont
  • So, You Want to Build a Cable System by Kieran Clark
  • Let's Talk About It by Kristian Nielsen
  • And Department Pieces from SubTel Forum and STF Analytics

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