Submarine Telecoms Forum Magazine Issue 110 – Global Outlook Is Now Live!

Issue 110 of SubTel Forum is now available. This month's issue discusses the global outlook for the submarine cable industry.SubTel Forum Press Release
January 19, 2020

SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that Issue 110 of the Magazine is now available!

In this issue we discuss the current state of the submarine fiber market, what’s on the horizon, an interview with the Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union and debut major updates to the SubTel Cable Map.

Featured Articles:

  • 5 Questions with Houlin Zhao
  • Re-Imagineering Telecom Subsea Systems by Clifford Holliday
  • The Carrier Guide to 2020 by Mattias Fridström
  • Fiber Technology for Submarine SDM by Sergei Makovejs
  • Project Koete by Peter Bannister and Jerry Kawajiri
  • The 2020 Ocean Science Revolution Using Submarine Fiber Optic Cables by Frank C. DiMaria
  • The Politicization of Subsea Cables by John Tibbles
  • Nordic Outook by Dag Aanensen
  • In Search of Lost Robert Dudley Watercolours by Stewart Ash
  • And Department Pieces from SubTel Forum and SubTel Forum Analytics

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