By Felicity Caldwell, Brisbane Times
May 31, 2017

The viability of building an epic undersea internet cable from Asia or the United States into the Sunshine Coast will be examined in a business case set to be presented to potential investors.

The Sunshine Coast Council believes the city is the ideal place for a new international submarine cable because of its proximity to Asia and distance to Sydney.

There are broadband submarine cables linking Sydney and Western Australia to overseas, but none in Queensland.

The cables carry the bulk of Australia's international voice and data traffic – including allowing us to connect to the internet – and a new cable could increase capacity in the network.

The council has advertised a tender for a feasibility study and business case for the cable from Asia and/or the US to the Sunshine Coast.

A cable from the Sunshine Coast to the mainland US would be about 11,500 kilometres – or like driving to Sydney and back almost seven times.

The feasibility study will look at the financial and commercial viability of landing an international undersea broadband cable on the Sunshine Coast, and the capital and business investment opportunities for the region.

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