Internet Resumes After Repairs To IA and APG Complete

Internet Resumes After Repairs To IA and APG Complete By Nguyen Quy March 1, 2021 Vietnam's internet speed is back to normal after repair work on two international undersea internet cables disrupted last month was completed. Repairs on the disruption-prone Asia Pacific Gateway (APG), which links Vietnam with Hong Kong and Japan, finished Wednesday, two [...]

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Two international undersea optical cables, IA and APG, had problems

Two international undersea optical cables, IA and APG, had problems Vietnam Television January 11, 2021 Two international undersea optical cable lines IA and APG - cable lines that make up the majority of Internet connection capacity from Vietnam to international - have encountered problems. Viettel deployed marine fiber optic cable with the largest bandwidth in [...]

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Internet Back to Normal in Vietnam As Cable Fixed

Internet Back to Normal in Vietnam As Undersea Cable Fixed By Dang Khoa, VNExpress June 30, 2020 Vietnam's Internet speed is back to normal after its international partners repaired the Asia Pacific Gateway cable. Repairs to the S9 and S1.7 branches of the cable connecting Vietnam with Singapore and Hong Kong were completed on Saturday [...]

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Cable Faults Impact Internet in Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

Undersea Cable Faults Cause Internet Chaos in Vietnam, Cambodia & Lao PDR By Stella-maris Ewudolu June 2, 2020 Vietnam’s high level of digital penetration has been a saving grace during the COVID-19 lockdown, enabling home-based work, e-learning, and e-Commerce to thrive. It has been a somewhat different situation for those using international online services though, [...]

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China Mobile Launches Data Centre in Singapore

China Mobile International Launches 17,490 sqm Data Centre Facility in Singapore By Abigail Opiah, Data | Economy July 24, 2019 China Mobile International Limited (CMI) has officially launched its Singapore data centre, revealing that the facility was built and is fully owned by the company. The company revealed that the data centre connects directly to [...]

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Vietnam Internet Back to Normal As Cable Fixed

Internet Back to Normal As Faulty Undersea Cable Fixed By Nguyen Quy, VNExpress June 8, 2019 The Internet has been fully restored in Vietnam after a fault in the Asia Pacific Gateway undersea cable system was fixed on Thursday. An Internet service provider said on Friday repair of the gateway that links Vietnam with its [...]

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Vietnam Internet Speed Affected as Cable Breaks

Vietnam Internet Speed Affected as Cable Breaks By Tien Phong/Dtinews, VietNamNet May 28, 2019 The Asia-Pacific Getaway (APG) Submarine cable from Vietnam to some Asian countries broke at 5.30 pm on May 27, affecting internet connections. The broken cable section is 132km away from Danang. The cause for the damaged cable as well as the [...]

APG Submarine Cable System Under Maintenance

Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) Submarine Cable System Under Maintenance By March 15, 2019 According to an online news portal in Vietnam, VnExpress, the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) is undergoing repairs and will affect Internet speeds in the region. VnExpress reported, “Repair work on the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) off Malaysia, which encountered an outage [...]

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APG Submarine Cable Problem Fixed

APG Submarine Cable Problem Fixed By VietnamNet April 27, 2018 APG (Asia-Pacific Gateway) International’s undersea cable problem, which occurred at 11.50pm on Monday, was completely fixed on Wednesday at 5.10pm. The technical problem, which disrupted internet feed from Vietnam to other countries, was fixed two weeks earlier than expected, the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications (VNPT) [...]

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APG Cable Fault Impacts Vietnam Internet

Internet To Slow Through Vietnam’s Holiday Weekend As Cable Loses Signals By Tuan Hung, Vietnam Express April 24, 2018 Repair work would take from two to three weeks, a telecom firm said. Internet connections in Vietnam are expected to drag in turtle speed through the weekend holiday as an international submarine internet cable just lost [...]

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