East Micronesia Cable Stalls After U.S. Security Concerns

East Micronesia Cable Stalls After U.S. Security Concerns By Jonathan Barrett and Yew Lun Tian June 18, 2021 SYDNEY/BEIJING, June 18 (Reuters) - A World Bank-led project declined to award a contract to lay sensitive undersea communications cables after Pacific island governments heeded U.S. warnings that participation of a Chinese company posed a security threat, [...]

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Work On Nunavik’s EAUFON Cable System Starts In July

Work On Nunavik’s EAUFON Cable System Starts In July By Sarah Rogers June 3, 2021 The first leg of Nunavik’s fibre optic cable network is set to be installed along the Hudson Bay coast starting at the end of July, officials with the Kativik Regional Government’s Tamaani Internet said this week. The KRG awarded Alcatel [...]

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ASN Has Started Building Bifrost System

ASN Has Started Building Bifrost System A new submarine telecommunications system that will connect Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Guam and the west coast of North America. ASN Press Release May 11, 2021 Joint build partners Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation Limited (Keppel T&T), through a wholly owned subsidiary, Keppel Midgard Holdings Pte. Ltd. (KMH), a subsidiary [...]

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Fugro Finishes Phase 1 Of Bifrost Marine Survey

Fugro Finishes Phase 1 Of Bifrost Marine Survey Fugro Press Release May 6, 2021 Fugro has completed the first phase of its marine site characterisation project for Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) to support the Bifrost Cable System, a new undersea fibre-optic cable system that will connect the west coast of North America, Guam, Indonesia, the [...]

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ASN Joining Forces with iXblue and SeaOwl

ASN Joining Forces with iXblue and SeaOwl Alcatel Submarine Networks, iXblue and SeaOwl announce they are joining forces to develop partnerships around innovative technologies dedicated to environmental protection underwater. ASN Press Release April 28, 2021 Paris - AMSSI - Agora for Maritime and Submarine Sustainable Innovations Following several months of fruitful discussions and dialogue, several [...]

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New Caledonia Cable Moving Forward After Court Case

New Caledonia Cable Moving Forward After Court Case TANC rejects the request for cancellation of the supply contract and installation of a submarine cable filed by the SCCI against the OPT-NC By Belzamine Ludovic February 12, 2021 By a request and a brief, registered on July 11, 2020 and December 9, 2020, the Caledonian company [...]

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EAUFON Submarine Cable Contract Awarded to ASN

ASN Announces It Has Been Awarded the Eastern Arctic Undersea Fiber Optic Network (EAUFON) Contract. Alcatel Submarine Networks Press Release October 19, 2020 This contract, funded by the Kativik Regional Government, (KRG), a supramunicipal body with jurisdiction over the territory of Québec, will connect five communities in northern Québec that have been primarily dependent on [...]

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ASN to Deploy Second New Caledonia Submarine Cable

OPT-NC to Deploy Its Second Submarine Cable and Secure All International and Domestic Communications of New Caledonia ASN Press Release June 16, 2020 Paris, France – OPT-NC (Office des Postes et Télécommunications de Nouvelle-Calédonie) has selected the proposal of Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) to build and deploy its second submarine cable. For this project, ASN [...]

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2Africa Submarine Cable System Announced

2Africa: A Transformative Subsea Cable for Future Internet Connectivity in Africa Announced by Global and African Partners Telecom Egypt Press Release May 14, 2020 China Mobile International, Facebook, MTN Global Connect, Orange, stc, Telecom Egypt, Vodafone and WIOCC announced today that they will partner to build 2Africa, which will be the most comprehensive subsea cable [...]

OPT Awards Contracts to ASN and Intelia

OPT New Caledonia Awards contracts to ASN and Intelia By Telecompaper April 23, 2020 OPT New Caledonia (OPT-NC) has selected ASN (Alcatel Submarine Network) for the construction and installation of the Gondwana-2 subsea cable linking New Caledonia to Fiji. The operator launched the tender process for the new international cable a year ago, to provide [...]

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