Ocean Networks Inc. Launches Caribbean Express Project

Ocean Networks Inc. Launches Caribbean Express Project By Ocean Networks Press Release February 17, 2021 Atlanta, GA - Ocean Networks, Inc. (ONI) announced today that it has launched its Caribbean Express (CX) Project, an 18-fiber pair submarine cable system linking Florida to Panama. The CX system will utilize Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) technology to connect West [...]

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Ocean Networks Contracted to Repurpose OOS Cables

Ocean Networks Awarded a Multi-year Contract To Repurpose OOS Submarine Cable Systems Ocean Networks Press Release September 14, 2020 Out of Service Systems to be repurposed for ocean science and research Atlanta, GA – Ocean Networks, Inc. and its subsidiary Submarine Cable Salvage, Inc. announces the company’s award of a multi-year contract to identify, procure and repurpose Out [...]

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