STF Magazine Feature: 6 Questions with Greg Berlocher

STF Magazine Feature: 6 Questions with Greg Berlocher Talking Technology Trends with New Star Energy Services’ CEO September 22, 2021 What is New Star Energy Services’ mission? New Star Energy Services is a telecommunication engineering firm that supports energy-related customers that need to communicate in remote locations and in harsh environments.  Our mission is to [...]

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From Dreams to Reality

From Dreams to Reality Surge in Subsea Cable Connectivity in the Pacific Islands By George Samisoni July 22, 2021 Introduction The small Pacific Island nations of Niue, Tokelau and Christmas Island each have a population of less than 2000. Niue is now connected to a subsea cable, whilst the Tokelau and Christmas Island will experience [...]

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The Middle Eastern Advantage

The Middle Eastern Advantage Why the Region’s Providers Are Best Suited to Support Global Connectivity By Cengiz Oztelcan July 22, 2021 As organisations in all corners of the globe seek to pursue digital transformation, the importance of super-fast, super-reliable connectivity networks is at an all-time high. Businesses must be able to connect to different global [...]

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Unrepeatered Systems: A View of the Sea

Unrepeatered Systems: A View of the Sea By Anders Ljung and Rebecca Spence July 21, 2021  Unrepeatered cables form an important part of submarine connectivity, but have largely gone unscrutinised by the industry, mostly due to their simple design and distance limitations. Unrepeatered links were the original ‘Open Systems’ owing mainly to their passive nature, [...]

6 Questions with Sanjai Parthasarathi

6 Questions with Sanjai Parthasarathi Talking Technology Trends with  II-VI Incorporated’s Chief Marketing Officer By Sanjai Parthasarathi July 21, 2021 Sanjai Parthasarathi joined II-VI in 2013 and has been the Chief Marketing Officer since 2019. Previously, Dr. Parthasarathi was Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, for II-VI Photonics since 2015. Prior to II-VI, he served [...]

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