The New Unrepeatered Landscape

The New Unrepeatered Landscape And how to Get the Most Out of Your Infrastructure By Luca Possidente, Delphine Rouvillain and Maurizio Pizzi July 28, 2021 Unrepeated optical networks are a key and vital infrastructure in today's global communication landscape, supporting local and international economic growth by providing regional connectivity across both terrestrial and subsea links. [...]

Unrepeatered Systems: A View of the Sea

Unrepeatered Systems: A View of the Sea By Anders Ljung and Rebecca Spence July 21, 2021  Unrepeatered cables form an important part of submarine connectivity, but have largely gone unscrutinised by the industry, mostly due to their simple design and distance limitations. Unrepeatered links were the original ‘Open Systems’ owing mainly to their passive nature, [...]