Telkom Increases Internet Capacity to 51.8 Tbps and Expands Submarine Cables

Ahead of Lebaran, Telkom Indonesia boosts its internet to 51.8 Tbps and expands submarine cables for increased traffic.By Hazel Moises, W.Media
April 8, 2024

TelkomGroup has proactively boosted its internet capacity to 51.8 terabytes per second (tbps) in anticipation of an anticipated surge in communication traffic during this year’s Lebaran holiday.

Moreover, the group has bolstered its network capacity and coverage by enhancing the undersea cable infrastructure capacity by 1.7 Tbps since January 2024, aiming to accommodate the projected increase of up to 6% compared to regular days and last year’s Lebaran period.

Telkom CEO Ririek Adriansyah acknowledges the anticipated surge in telecommunication traffic leading up to Idulfitri in 2024, similar to previous years. To address this, additional capacity has been meticulously prepared across all TelkomGroup network areas since the beginning of the year.

Ririek emphasized the readiness of infrastructure and services to support communication activities during the Lebaran period, including ensuring connectivity for critical sectors such as banking and points of interest (POI).

Telkom has established 91 posts across Indonesia as part of this year’s program, with a dedicated workforce of 19,503 personnel operating round the clock to maintain telecommunication network reliability and customer services during the Lebaran holiday.

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