News From Around The World Of Submarine Telecoms For The Week Of May 27-31

News from around the submarine telecoms industry.

Cable Faults & Maintenance

Vietnam Internet Speed Affected as Cable Breaks
The Asia-Pacific Getaway (APG) Submarine cable from Vietnam to some Asian countries broke at 530 pm on May 27 affecting internet connections.

PNG DataCo Working on Cable Outage
PNG DataCo advised that due to the earthquake in Morobe Province on May 7, the Kumul Submarine Cable Network suffered multiple breaks

Current Systems

Superloop Links Region as Ultrafast, Reliable Fibre-optic Network
Superloop took the industry by surprise when it linked Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong into one ultrafast and reliable telecom loop.

Chile Inaugurates Southern Fiber System
Chilean president Sebastian Pinera has inaugurated the country’s Fibra Optica Austral (FOA) southern fiber project.

Google’s Indigo Undersea Cable Now Live
Google announced today that the 36 Tbps INDIGO undersea cable connecting Sydney & Perth, Australia to Jakarta and Singapore is now live.

Future Systems

Vessel Departs after Successful Survey for Cooks Islands
Survey work has been successfully completed in Cook Islands waters for the 3500km route of the Manatua – One Polynesia fibre optic cable.

Huawei, SubCom Vie for Cable Deal
Huawei and SubCom are facing off for a cable project of Converge ICT, an aggressive player in the Philippines’ fixed-broadband sector.

Kenya to Invest $59 mln in DARE Fiber Optics System
Kenya plans to invest $59 million to increase its data capabilities. This fund will be used to deploy an extension of the DARE1 cable.

State of the Industry

Camtel Officially Opens Shareholding
Camtel is poised to generate more revenue by selling shares to public and private investors after officially opening up its capital.