Tunisia Launches Ifriqiya Submarine Cable, Boosting Digital Connectivity with Europe

Tunisia has launched the Ifriqiya submarine cable, linking Bizerte with Marseille and Abu Talaat, set to enhance connectivity with Europe.By Olalekan Adigun, BNN Breaking
March 6, 2024

Tunisia inaugurated the Ifriqiya submarine cable, boosting its telecommunications landscape and promising a brighter digital future.

In a significant stride towards enhancing digital connectivity, Tunisia inaugurated the Ifriqiya submarine cable on Wednesday, marking a pivotal moment in the country's telecommunications landscape. The event, held in the Ain Meriem area of Bizerte, saw the presence of key figures from the Ministry of Communication Technologies and Ooredoo Tunisia representatives, highlighting the collaborative effort behind this milestone.

Strategic Implementation and Capacity

The Ifriqiya cable, boasting a substantial capacity of 200 Gbt and an overall capability of around 3 TB/s, links the Tunisian city of Bizerte with Marseille, France, and Abu Talaat, Egypt. Spanning 950 km from its connection point in Bizerte, this infrastructure is poised to revolutionize data transmission rates between Tunisia and Europe. Kamel Saadaoui, Chief of Staff of the Minister of Communication Technologies, underscored the project's alignment with the national strategy to bolster telecommunications infrastructure, emphasizing its critical role in the advent of 5G services in Tunisia.

Future-Proofing Connectivity

Tunisia's decision to diversify its telecommunications operators stems from the high costs associated with submarine cable infrastructure and the imperative to mitigate potential disruptions. The government's proactive approach encourages private investment in this sector, with an identified need for approximately six to seven submarine cables. Mansour Rachid El-Khater, CEO of Ooredoo Tunisia, lauded the Ifriqiya project as a strategic endeavor that swiftly connects Bizerte to Marseille, reinforcing its significance in the digital domain and attracting substantial investment.

Impact and Implications

The Ifriqiya submarine cable project stands as a testament to Tunisia's ambition to become a digital hub in the Mediterranean. By facilitating high-speed data flows and ensuring service reliability, it not only enhances the country's attractiveness to major companies in the digital sector but also promises considerable improvements in connectivity for citizens and businesses alike. This development is expected to pave the way for further digital innovation and economic growth, setting a precedent for future technological advancements in the region.

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