Where in the World Are Those Pesky Cableships: September 2021

By Rebecca Spence
September 23, 2021

Talk about a busy season! With only a few short weeks left before the northern parts of the world are covered in ice, cable laying vessels are working hard around the world to meet their deadlines. In the last several weeks, the Responder and her crew completed the Grace Hopper Landing in Sopelana, Spain and CS Bold Maverick landed PEACE cable in Egypt and many more.

When the data was collected for this month’s article the numbers reflected the high volume of work currently being fielded by cable ships internationally. 24 percent of the vessels we track were in motion towards their destinations; as seen in Figure 1. This is a slight increase from July which saw 23 percent of the fleet actively moving and 71 percent had reached their reported destination. There were far less ships that did not move. Only 5 percent reported the same location the last two recorded months. This is down from 11 percent in July.

The 23 percent of vessels that were in motion can be broken down as seen in Figure 2. Figure 2 shows a nice spread of vessels that will be arriving at their announced destinations over the next several weeks.

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