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About the Submarine Cable Almanac

SubTel Forum releases its Submarine Cable Almanac each quarter. This document serves as complement to our Submarine Cable Map. It features each major international system on its own page, along with a system map, landing points, system capacity, length, RFS year and other valuable data. The Almanac includes full-color adverts from among the most important players in the industry.

The detail offered in this publication is supported through research from the SubTel Forum staff and updates supplied by the industry itself.  System information can be amended by contacting the research staff here.

Since the last issue, we have updated 62 systems with substantive changes and added 8 newly announced systems.

As part of our continuing company wide roll out of new technology, the Almanac is now an entirely automated document. By removing more than five different steps performed by five different individuals, the Almanac is not only a timelier publication, but more accurate with less potential transcription errors. The data provided in this document is, as it ever has been, from the public domain and supplied by owners and suppliers directly. If you see a system that needs updating, or know of an upcoming system that needs to be represented, please feel free to contact us directly at

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