Why Advertise in SubTel Forum?

SubTel Forum is The Voice of the Industry

SubTel Forum publications are read by professionals from every walk of life in the telecoms industry. Each publication has been cultivated and refined over nearly 20 years, producing the very best in market analysis, opinion and brand visibility.

The readers of SubTel Forum represent over 20 different sectors of the submarine telecoms fiber market, ranging from cable installers and suppliers to capacity wholesalers and operators.

During our semi-annual survey, we found that roughly 60% of our readership hold either high-influence or final decision making power for purchasing decisions in their company.

In the same survey, we found that 70% of respondents were likely to use SubTel Forum as their primary industry news source.

Every Budget In Mind

The customers advertising in SubTel Forum range from companies with hundreds of employees and massive marketing budgets to small companies with a dream, and everything in between. The “Marketing Budget” is a hotly debated line item, one that we feel is often passed over.

With that in mind, SubTel Forum Advertising options start at as little as $1,750 a month with no contract required.