Press Release

November 2, 2015
Lightwave Staff

Huawei Marine says it has won a contract to deploy the Cameroon-Brazil Cable System (CBCS), a submarine network that will link Africa and Latin America. CamTel and China Unicom will provide the necessary funds, while Telefónica will offer “international facilities” and expertise.

CBCS will connect Kribi in Cameroon to Fortaleza in Brazil, a distance of approximately 6,000 km. The submarine cable network will sport an initial system capacity of 32 Tbps, based on 100-Gbps transmission over four fiber pairs. Its backers expect the undersea cablenetwork to be ready for service by the end of 2017.

Huawei Marine says the network will feature its 6fp submarine Repeater 1660. The titanium repeater is designed to support direct lay and plough burial, which reduces system installation costs by eliminating the need for a secondary, post-lay burial operation, according to the company.

“At present, when international data from mainland Africa transmits to America it is forced to divert to Western Europe first before going to America. However, the CBCS will provide a direct route from Africa to America, as well as provide Cameroon, Brazil, and other neighboring countries with a high-capacity, reliable, and fast transmission channel,” said the general manager of CamTel, David Nkoto Emane.

“Africa and Latin America are strategic emerging regions for our global business,” added Lu Yimin, president of China Unicom. “China Unicom is very pleased to partner with CamTel, Telefónica, and Huawei Marine to build this high-speed and low-latency infrastructure to connect Africa and Latin America. Not only will it help meet the increasing demand for local Internet access, it will also improve our service to Chinese enterprises which have entered into the African and Latin American markets.”

“Telefónica as the leading Digital Telco in Latin America brings into the project its existing national and international facilities, years of local experience and future commitment. We are delighted to partner with China Unicom and CamTel to jointly provide facilities, and extensions for CBCS. The CBCS will offer a new reliable route in the South Atlantic enabling us to provide a better secure service to our customers”, said Juan Revilla, CEO, Wholesale Business Unit in Telefónica Business Solutions.

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