By WFN Strategies

WFN Strategies has been awarded a contract by Mid-State Consultants of Honolulu, Hawaii to provide desktop study, landing site selection, permitting and implementation planning services for a communications company in American Samoa.

“We are excited to be a part of this project,” said WFN Strategies Managing Director, Wayne Nielsen, “and look forward to supporting this system with our specific submarine telecoms and scientific cable engineering and implementation expertise.”

Mid-State Consultants, Inc. specializes in providing comprehensive communication systems engineering. Their service offerings range from project inception to final close-out, and all of the steps in between. Their singular focus is to provide the engineering services and support that will guarantee the successful outcome of each project entrusted to them.  For more information, please visit

WFN Strategies is a leading supplier of consultancy services for telecoms to the commercial, governmental and oil and gas industries worldwide. The company works with many of the world’s leading telecoms companies to achieve value and high performance. Their clients receive reliable, cost-effective, quality advice based on proven methodologies, efficient tools, and stable architecture. For more information, please visit