Ocean Networks, Inc. – the owner and developer of the South America Pacific Link (SAPL) submarine cable system – has secured mezzanine funding to initiate the development of the SAPL system.

The 9,400km system is named South America Pacific Link (SAPL) – a new build submarine cable system that will connect Manta, Ecuador to Oahu, Hawaii. The SAPL system will fill a requirement for the emerging markets of South America and provide connectivity to the Asia Pacific region, Australia and New Zealand via interconnects with existing and planned submarine cable systems. Hawaii is a mid-Pacific hub for numerous submarine cable systems; SAPL will provide a cost effective, direct low latency route to Hawaii and open a previously untapped trans-Pacific market to/from the west coast of South America.

In addition, at Manta, Ecuador the SAPL system will interconnect with planned and existing systems to provide a more direct, low latency trans-Pacific route to the Caribbean region and US East Coast.

For more information on Ocean Networks and the SAPL System, please visit www.OceanNetworks.com.


About Ocean Networks

Ocean Networks, Inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and develops submarine cable systems for governments, carriers, content providers and research & education groups. In addition, the company provides personnel and services to support the submarine cable industry.