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Tokyo, April 13, 2015 – KVH Co., Ltd., Asia’s leading Information Delivery Platform headquartered in Tokyo, Japan announced today that it has upgraded its network backbone between Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong to 100G on the South-East Asia Japan Cable System (SJC). Beginning April 15th, 2015, KVH will offer KVH etherXEN Global network services and Global DCNet on this newly acquired SJC capacity between these three major Asian cities. This SJC capacity illustrates KVH’s commitment to the Asia Pacific region as well as the company’s ability to operate and maintain high-bandwidth services.

KVH has been experiencing considerable data-traffic growth between the leading city economies of Asia and this growth is mainly attributable to the wider adoption of bandwidth-intensive applications such as e-commerce, cloud applications and multi-media services. This new capacity on SJC supports this growth and allows KVH to meet customer demand for more bandwidth with scalability, reach, and resiliency.

KVH also operates backbones between Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong on Asia Submarine Cable Express (ASE) and other cables systems, so the increase in KVH’s capacity on SJC offers improved cable diversity across the region, enhancing service resiliency and reliability in the event of a cable outage on one of the undersea networks. Operating multiple backbones also allows customers to choose the network paths that are best aligned to their needs in terms of security, redundancy and latency.

“As an ongoing effort to strengthen our network footprint, we are continuously upgrading our backbone, along with adding new routes and network points of presence,” remarked Machifumi Kashiwagi, Vice President of Product Management at KVH. “The addition of this capacity further expands our footprint in the submarine market and helps cement our role as a strategic supplier to top international bandwidth consumers including MNCs and other service providers in Asia.”

About KVH

KVH is an Asia Pacific IT Services and Data Center Services Provider established in Japan. KVH’s Information Delivery Platform delivers integrated cloud and network solutions and best-in-class service to its customers. KVH owns infrastructure and provides services that enable clients to store, process, protect and deliver their vital business information. KVH provides IT Services, Cloud Services, Data Center Services, Managed Network Services, and Professional Services.

As a Colt Group Company (London Stock Exchange: COLT), KVH is able to leverage Colt’s position as a global provider of network, IT, and data center services. Including KVH, the Colt Group operates in 28 countries across Europe, Asia and the U.S. with metropolitan area networks in 47 major cities and connections into over 200 cities globally. Colt owns and operates 22 carrier neutral data centers in Europe, while KVH manages a further 7 in the Asia-Pacific region. More information on KVH can be found at

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