By Xtera

Xtera Communications Inc. (“Xtera”), a leading global provider of optical networking solutions, today announced further steps to expand its footprint in the turnkey solutions market in conjunction with the introduction of its repeater on the first day of SubOptic 2013 in Paris, France.  The company says it has significantly increased its internal and external skillset to support full turnkey projects, and that it has been accepted as a full member of the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC).

Xtera has taken a step-by-step approach in building and expanding its expertise and credibility to deliver full solutions to submarine network operators – starting from involvement in unrepeatered new builds and redeployments, to more recently delivering projects as a prime contractor, or jointly with other suppliers, such as the Guam-Okinawa-Kyushu-Incheon project in Asia for AT&T.

“After we pioneered and mastered the idea of upgrading existing submarine systems over more than 10 years ago, we know best how to build systems from scratch that optimize performance, cost and reliability,” says Joerg Schwartz, Senior Vice President and Product Line Manager for Xtera’s Turnkey Solutions Portfolio.  “With our new optical repeater for subsea cable systems and full control over its design we will now also be able to offer the most efficient solutions for the repeatered market by utilizing our line design experience and extended facilities.”  Over the last few years Xtera has continuously expanded its in-house design, engineering, and project management capabilities, including those for cable and marine engineering.  In addition, Xtera has built relationships with recognized industrial partners to cover all aspects of submarine cable system delivery.

“With this modular product Xtera can better optimize the design of subsea cable systems and address the need for higher capacity per fiber with wider optical bandwidth,” said Stuart Barnes, CTO Submarine Systems of Xtera. “We had the advantage of not having to evolve an existing design and have been able to find modern solutions to old problems, for example improving electrical to optical power conversion. The new repeater adds nicely to Xtera’s turnkey solutions for building new subsea cable systems or upgrading the wet plant of existing systems.”

The ICPC is a non-profit organization with the vision to be the premier international submarine cable authority providing leadership and guidance on issues related to submarine cable security and reliability.  Its membership criteria state that Full Membership is available to Submarine Cable Owners, Submarine Cable Maintenance Authorities, Submarine Cable Manufacturers, Submarine Cable System Suppliers, Cable Ship Operators and Submarine Cable Route Survey Companies, with “Submarine Cable System Supplier” being defined as “any entity that is the prime contractor for supply of a submarine cable system, including its terminal equipment.”  Xtera’s membership in ICPC is the validation of our pragmatic step-by-step development of Xtera’s solution portfolio toward global turnkey offering for designing and implementing subsea cable systems.