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MUMBAI, India — Tata Communications, a leading provider of a new world of communications, today announced the launch of Application Performance Visibility Service, a suite of integrated, end-to-end, network and application performance monitoring service with three-tiered service options-Network Visibility, Application Visibility, and Voice over IP (VoIP) Visibility. 

Application Performance Visibility Service equips IT managers with in-depth, real-time, historical data on every network site. The service offers comprehensive views across the infrastructure (Layers 1 – 7), that multiple users can share simultaneously to plan capacity, create reports, troubleshoot performance problems, and reduce mean time to resolve (MTTR). Enterprises can monitor events across the infrastructure, including the local loop, port, site-to-site circuit, application, and server performance. In addition, they can test performance of business-critical network applications before rolling them out into production. In-depth visibility options provided by this service can be combined with the Application Performance Optimization Services launched in 2008, which offer optimization, compression, and acceleration features for a complete WAN and application performance management solution. 

Tata Communications will be the first Indian-based provider to offer integrated network and application monitoring services. 

Application Performance Visibility Service includes cost-effective, scalable architecture based on Fluke Networks' proven Visual Performance Manager Platform, a complete system for monitoring end-to-end performance of applications and services across the enterprise. While real-time monitoring occurs, this platform archives network, server and application data in a back-end database that delivers a holistic view of enterprise performance with up-to-the-second granularity. 

“As global enterprises depend highly on their IT infrastructure to deliver quality applications to end-users, they require efficient, end-to-end view of network and application performance. To that end, Application Performance Visibility Service facilitates improved performance and management of all network elements, including managing remote sites from central locations, while reducing costs and delivering detailed reports for wise capacity planning decisions,” said Genius Wong, Senior Vice President, Global IP and VPN services for Tata Communications. “This is especially relevant now during the global, economic crisis.” 

According to a recent article “Poor application performance translates to lost revenue” Aberdeen Research discovered that enterprises face significant consequences in the absence of integrated network and performance monitoring tools. Fifty-eight percent of respondents noted a decline in employee satisfaction and revenue opportunities due to poorly performing applications. At the same time, approximately 47 percent indicated that declining application performance decreased their customer responsiveness and damaged brand reputations. 

“Application Performance Visibility Service can help minimize these business concerns by providing customers the flexibility to troubleshoot their WAN and applications online and in real time while also enabling them to proactively monitor application to eliminate potential degradation in performance quality,” Wong added. 

According to Mike Gengler, Director of Sales & Marketing for Fluke Networks, Asia/Pacific, “We are pleased and proud to collaborate with Tata Communications. Their broad range of IT capabilities, superior quality of service, and esteemed customer base create an excellent opportunity to extend our solutions to enterprises that can benefit from improved network and application performance.”