By MariSoft

MariSoft, based in Egypt has made further integrated software sales to subsea cable specialists, Offshore Marine Management’s (OMM) survey services section, making OMM their largest serviceable client.

MariSoft is a unique provider of software, products, integrated system solutions, computer aided design (CAD) and geographic information systems (GIS) solutions to the offshore and marine survey industry.

Three principle software suites form the basis of Marisoft standard products: Inspector 2010 (a fully integrated digital video suite with data processing for both subsea cable and pipeline products and structural/platform inspection); HydroChart 2010 (a survey & engineering chart production suite) and HydroGIS (an affordable and fully integrated web based Geographical Information System). The company also produces be-spoke software solutions to client specifications for the offshore survey and marine markets.

OMM now utilise the full suite of MariSoft software solutions to service their renewables clients and have used the Cairo-based software house since early 2009. OMM has utilised Inspector and HydroChart on all their projects to date including the recent Barrow and Burbo offshore wind farm scopes of work and also for the Transpower HVAC cable installation and associated survey, WROV and trenching operations due to start in August 2010. The GIS suite is used by OMM in-house for project planning and management and cable route associated desk studies, but is increasingly being used for client project deliverables. MariSoft also provide OMM with programming, CAD, data processing and digital video review personnel and GIS/ population support services.

MariSoft were also commissioned by OMM to undertake two be–spoke software solutions, currently being rolled out to service offshore wind farm marine coordination and live operations and data/ project management and marine security/ anti-piracy management.

Sameh Bayoumy, co-founder of MariSoft, said that the company’s success was largely in part to OMM’s own rapid expansion since early 2009 both with direct software sales and productive introductions. Mr Bayoumy was mindful of the “all eggs in one basket” scenario that could develop, but as a result of increased software exposure via OMM in a highly competitive marine survey software market, the benefits were already bearing fruit and they hope to scale the software sales heights equivalent to the Giza Pyramids on their doorstep.

Arron Burrows, OMM operations manager said that MariSoft’s software solutions provide OMM with an undeniable edge in the renewable and telecoms market place.

“We have forged a strong relationship that both companies can only further benefit from,” he added. “Marisoft’s enthusiasm, support and loyalty as well as their programming and development prowess has shone through this last 18 months since we entered into a formal agreement with them.”

Mr Bayoumy added: “MariSoft provides optimal and cost-effective software and systems solutions to our customers. The fulfilment of the needs and requirements of the customer is our prime goal, and the use of leading-edge technology is the means to achieve this goal”.

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