By AJC Press Release

Sydney Australia: Australia Japan Cable (AJC) today announced that it had successfully completed its refinancing, assuring its viability into the future.

“We are very pleased with the outcome which secures our future viability in these challenging capital market conditions,” said AJC CEO Robin Russell.

AJC’s Commercial Director Chris Kessikidis said the company has also adapted its operating model.

“AJC needs to be responsive to a dynamic marketplace. Over the last year we have refreshed our brand and re-positioned the organisation. We are building on our strengths – the route, our outstanding availability and our low cost base,” said Chris.

AJC Head of Engineering, Phil Murphy, said that AJC was very pleased with the performance of its network equipment upgrade comprising new NEC and Alcatel-Lucent gear. “We have experienced 100 per cent wavelength availability with the new 1:n wavelength protection equipment since it entered service in April 2008,” said Phil.

About Australia Japan Cable

Australia-Japan Cable is a 12,700km optical fibre ring submarine cable network, directly connecting Australia and Japan, via Guam. AJC is equipped with the latest 10Gbit/s Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology.

The network is equipped to 240Gbit/s with a current capability of over 1,000Gbit/s enabling further upgrades as required. The network employs a collapsed ring configuration where the fibre pairs share a common sheath on a historically safe route between branching units located at a depth of 4,000m that enables duplicated landings into Australia, Guam and Japan, as protection against shallow water risks thereby providing outstanding reliability. Carriers can also use AJC to provide diversity and connectivity to other cables connecting at multiple landing points.

AJC offers an extensive range of products which capacity users can tailor to their individual network requirements which include extensive backhaul options at each landing point. For more information, visit