By APTelecom

APTelecom, a facilities-based telecom consulting and service company specializing in emerging markets, today announced a strategic partnership agreement with leading cyber-security company TopPatch.

As part of the strategic partnership, both companies will be targeting specific emerging markets in the Asia Pacific, Africa, European, and North and South American regions for TopPatch's global expansion. APTelecom's global sales channel (GSC) will serve as a direct route to market for specific security service offerings that TopPatch can offer to the global wholesale carrier community.

“TopPatch already protects the security networks of Fortune 500 companies. This strategic partnership allows us to serve the global carrier community,” said Chiranjeev Bordoloi, CEO of TopPatch. “The ability for carriers to provide security services to businesses is critical for sustaining trust and increasing revenues. Our solutions help prevent data breaches and reduce remediation costs. Global carriers can white-label these capabilities cost-efficiently to provide value-added services to their existing customer base.”

The strategic partnership fits well into the continued growth strategy of APTelecom, which has been focused on expanding and diversifying its product portfolio.

“While we remain committed to our pre-sales expertise and global projects involving fiber connecting five different countries and continents around the world , the conversation with clients doesn't need to end after selling data or voice services,” said Eric Handa, CEO and Co-Founder of APTelecom. “Security is a logical product extension and enhancement to our existing global sales channel. APTelecom is committed to a successful business outcome model as we enter our fourth year of operations. Our relationship with TopPatch is critical to achieving product diversification and further growth for our investors.”

More details on the partnership and specific client service announcements will be announced in the coming weeks and months. Please visit to learn more, and email [email protected] to subscribe to APTelecom's monthly newsletter to learn about the latest developments in the partnership.


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