By Press Release

WFN Strategies recently announced that its Director

of Projects, Guy Arnos, will be hosting a design workshop for submarine cable systems at the upcoming ENTELEC Conference in Houston, Texas on Thursday, 10 April at

2:30 PM.

Entitled “Design Challenges for Undersea Systems Serving Offshore Production Platforms,” the workshop considers serious design issues involved in

engineering a submarine cable system to serve offshore production platforms. The differences between design parameters for systems serving the telecommunications

industry and systems serving the oil and gas industry will be considered, and a set of design criteria specific to the offshore oil and gas industry will be

presented. The trade-offs of various system architectures as applied to different business model will also be discussed.


ENTELEC ( is a user association focusing on communications and control technologies used by

petroleum, natural gas, pipeline and electric utility companies. ENTELEC's primary goal is to provide education for its members. To achieve this goal ENTELEC

provides an educational platform for these industries, including technical presentations, equipment, exhibits and networking opportunities during the annual ENTELEC

Conference & Expo.

Since 2001, WFN Strategies ( has provided business and engineering solutions for remote and unique

communications requirements. The company supports RFP efforts for telecoms services and their physical deployment, and develops the standards for system design,

construction, and maintenance. WFN Strategies actively accomplishes projects involving submarine and terrestrial optical cable, microwave/WiMAX, mobile, and

satellite and RF technologies for customers in telecoms, oil & gas and defense industries. The company publishes Submarine Telecoms Forum

(, the industry's first electronic and dedicated magazine, and the platform for discourse on submarine telecom cable and network


With over 25 years experience in submarine and terrestrial networks, Guy Arnos has been responsible for the planning, engineering and

implementation of transoceanic, transcontinental and metropolitan telecom systems. With WFN Strategies he has supported efforts in a number of submarine and

terrestrial telecom projects, including the provision and installation of a inter-platform submarine cable systems in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Australia;

engineering, provision and installation of a fiber optic, RF, microwave and cellular telecom systems in Alaska, Antarctica and Colorado; and the engineering and

provision of worldwide broadband services and trans-Pacific submarine cable systems. He joined WFN Strategies in 2001 as Director of Projects, and has been

responsible for accomplishment of telecoms engineering projects in Angola (ADONES), Australia (NW Shelf), Antarctica, Trans-Pacific cables (MPC, Unity North), UAE

(Tsunami Warning System), Colorado/Oklahoma/Wyoming (Broadband Wireless), and Gulf of Mexico.