By Business in Cameroon

(Business in Cameroon) – Cameroon’s Ministry of Posts and Telecoms recently preselected two firms of which one is to conduct technical study for the construction of ACE submarine cable’s landing station. The cable whose landing station is located in Kribi is the third to which Cameroon will be connected to, behind the SAT3 and WACS cables.

The ACE submarine cable which is 14,000 km long and extends from Europe to the West-African coast was deployed by a consortium of investors including Orange. According to Elisabeth Medou Bandang, Orange Cameroon’s CEO, this cable will help “manage the growth in data use and improve connectivity in the country”.

Cameroon’s Batratel and Tunisia’s SFM Technologies/ECR are the two firms expected to submit their tenders to Cameroon’s government latest by September 24, 2015. From these two, the one landing the contract will receive the FCFA 87 million fund provided by the Telecommunications Special Funds.

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