By SubTel Forum

The East African Submarine System (EASSy), which is expected to make landfall in Kenyan early next month, is expected to create a standoff in the African internet market according to Business Daily.  EASSy is set to officially launch operation in June 2010, and will likely rekindle a debate on internet pricing.  Key stake holders in the project have warned that Kenyans shouldn't expect prices to drop significantly until December 2010 at the earliest.

“Those players have been saying they are keen to recoup their investments but the main issue is that they are locked in long term and expensive contracts with other cable and satellite operators that prohibit them from reducing prices. We see our entry as the catalyst that will force them to reconsider their pricing structure. Prices will fall starting June,” said West Indian Cable Company (WIOCC) Chairman John Sihra, the chairman of West Indian Cable Company (WIOCC).  WIOCC is the largest shareholder for EASSy.

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