By Lee Min-hyung, The Korea Times

KT has opened an undersea network control tower in Busan, amid the growing importance of managing cross-border data flow.

The Submarine Network Operation Center (SNOC) will be used as a key facility to control timely and stable bulk data transfers in such areas as ultra-high-definition (UHD) broadcasting, data roaming and the fifth-generation (5G) network systems, according to KT, Thursday.

This came months after the company was named a key operator of the world's largest submarine network cable, New Cross Pacific (NCP) last October. In 2014, KT won another undersea cable contract, the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG), connecting nine Asian nations.

“The SNOC will help us provide turnkey operations for undersea cable networks, from establishing network infrastructure to risk management,” Oh Seong-mok, executive vice president of KT's network division, said in a statement.

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