In celebration of SEACOM’s historical arrival, and following a very successful media launch, SEACOM will host the SEACOM Broadband Experience  from 14 -18 October at the Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City. The Broadband Experience is an exhibition that seeks to educate the broader market on the capabilities and potential delivered through true broadband.

In many respects South Africans have been denied high capacity access to the Internet and do not fully appreciate the broadband experience at the Handset, PC, Application, and Network levels. The objective of the exhibition is to demonstrate the capability of the cable to the end users in consumer, corporate and government segments.

As such, our operator partners – Internet Solutions, Dimension Data, Neotel, Cisco and Microsoft – will be present to demonstrate what they have done with the capacity. This exhibition is a joint branding exercise by parties that have a common interest in the adoption of broadband.

The SEACOM Broadband Experience will be held in a glass marquee that will be erected in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City. All infrastructures will be provided, including a 1Gbs connection via SEACOM to the heart of the Internet in London. The experience centre will consist of 30 PCs, gaming consoles, and will be divided into sections for business users, gamers, social networking, video, etc.