By Submarine Cable NewsFeed

Australia's PIPE Networks has issued a progress report on its PPC-1 submarine cable project. PPC-1 (formerly “Project Runway”) is the company's vision to rapidly improve Australia's international communications transmission capacity and transform the economics of the local Internet and telecommunications markets. The project involves the construction of a new submarine cable linking Sydney to the key international telecommunications interconnection hub at Guam.

PIPE Networks has submitted the required permit requests in relevant jurisdictions in which the PPC-1 submarine cable will operate. Successful approval of these permits is a critical element of the project and allows the cable to be landed, protected and operated within the jurisdictions. Permits and applications lodged include:

-Australia – ACMA Protection Zone and Non-Protection Zone permits (cable landing license) -United States – FCC operator license application -Guam – Local environmental/engineering consultants

retained to conduct local permitting works (cable landing license) to conform with requirements of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and Guam Coastal Management Program

In addition to licensing and permits, the Cable Station site has been purchased in Cromer (Sydney), Australia. Due to customer commitments, planning and construction of the facility has been brought forward and it is now expected that the project will be completed by the end of June 2008.

This is a full year ahead of completion of the system, however customers are already planning to build network infrastructure in readiness of the PPC-1 system.