By GlobeNet

FiberZone Networks, a leading provider of highly scalable, remotely managed, automated fiber solutions and GlobeNet, an international wholesale carrier which owns and operates the most advanced fiber-optic submarine cable system connecting North and South America, jointly announce that GlobeNet has selected FiberZone’s Automated Fiber Management System to remotely manage and control fiber connections throughout its network.

GlobeNet is deploying FiberZone’s Automated Fiber Management (AFM) to remotely manage and control fiber connections at its international Points of Presence (iPoP) currently located in the U.S., Bermuda, Venezuela and Brazil.  FiberZone’s AFM provides a cost cutting solution that enables GlobeNet to reduce network management costs while providing its carrier customers with faster, more reliable physical connections at the optical layer within its iPoPs.

“We take great pride in our network as well as our ability to provide the highest levels of customer service and responsiveness while managing and even reducing network costs,” said Patrick Blesso, senior network engineer, GlobeNet.  “We selected FiberZone’s AFM solution because we established it provided the maximum flexibility at the physical optical layer <of the network> without compromising connection quality; it also supports one of our key business objectives, network cost containment.  FiberZone’s solution will play a key role in our remote provisioning and fiber management processes, enabling GlobeNet to reduce costs while providing our customers with superior support and service,” added Blesso.

“As optical networks grow, carriers face increased pressure to turn up services faster with fewer resources while reducing costs ” said Jim Lang, vice president of sales, FiberZone Networks.  “Sorting through the maze of optical jumpers at a data center can lead to added time and expenses associated with the highly skilled personnel required to make an   optical connection.  Additionally, too many “hands” in the data center and/or carrier hotel cage’s physical plant  can lead to compromised reliability due to  human mistakes.  GlobeNet’s selection and implementation of the AFM solution will give them greater control over their network, reduce opportunities for human errors and most importantly provide faster response times to their customers,” added Lang.

Lang continued, “FiberZone’s Automated Fiber Management solution sets a new trend in how carriers approach ways to minimize these problems while reducing overall operational costs.  We are thrilled to play a key role in setting this new trend as it relates to fiber management and control.”

Released in 2009, FiberZone’s AFM solution has been deployed in early pilot projects and numerous carrier networks worldwide.

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About GlobeNet

GlobeNet provides network transport services for carriers and service providers via the most advanced fiber-optic cable system connecting North and South America. The network spans more than 22,000 kilometers and offers a network availability of 99.99%. GlobeNet is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oi (formerly Brasil Telecom) with its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

About FiberZone

FiberZone provides fiber connectivity solutions with their Auto Fiber Management (AFM) system, delivering next-generation flexibility, reliability, and management to the fiber infrastructure.  By automating and managing end-to-end provisioning, maintenance, inventory documentation, and troubleshooting, FiberZone AFM significantly reduces operating costs, minimizes network faults and human error, prevents revenue losses & SLA (Service Level Agreement) penalties and improves overall quality of service.  The innovative FiberZone AFM technology also enables carriers to generate new revenue streams through on-demand service provisioning.  For more information, please visit