Gulf Bridge International (GBI), the newly established submarine cable operator in the region, and TIC in the Islamic Republic of Iran, have agreed to land GBI's submarine telecom cable in Iran and signed the Landing Party Agreement on 21st of April 2010.

GBI's plan to land its telecom submarine cable in Iran aligns with the strategic plans of TIC of Iran. In addition, this agreement will facilitate onward connectivity to many central Asian countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azarbaijan, Armenia and Turkey.

The Gulf Bridge International Cable Network is planned to connect Iran with the Gulf region and the rest of the world, via a reliable, high capacity submarine fiber optic cable linking the region to India and the Far East via the East Route and to Europe via the West Route.

Commenting on the landing of GBI's cable in Iran, Mr. Hamad Almannai, GBI's Executive Vice Chairman said “Landing our cable in Iran is part of GBI's plan and full commitment toward connecting the Gulf to the whole world with a reliable cable infrastructure.

Commenting on the landing of GBICS with TIC in Iran, Mr. Mahmoud Khosravi, TIC Managing Director and member of the Board said “TIC is happy to land GBICS in Iran which will be a great addition and expansion to Iran’s international connectivity”.

Designed to operate for 25 years and enter service during 2011, GBI’s cable will exploit the commercial opportunity provided by the increasing demand for reliable high-speed telecommunications capacity in the Gulf region. In order to achieve this, GBI’s cable is designed to meet all current and anticipated future capacity demands across the Gulf Region, incorporating a design capacity of 5 Terabits per second on certain cable sections.

About Gulf Bridge International

Gulf Bridge International (GBI) is a private company dedicated to connecting all the nations of the Gulf region to one another and to the rest of the world, using the latest fiber optic technologies. The GBI cable will be developed and owned by GCC investors who are building this strategic infrastructure to serve the entire region.

About TIC

TIC is the sole provider of Telecommunication infrastructure to all private and public operators in the Islamic Republic of Iran. TIC is also the sole responsible party for all international gateways and IP capacity and connectivity services in the country.