By Rwandatel

Kigali, Rwanda – Rwandatel SA Launches Super Fast Internet Speeds with SEACOM’s Submarine Fibre Optic Cable. Rwandatel has today announced the launch of International Fibre to its Network. This means that Rwandatel’s 2G, 3G and ADSL customers can now access uninterrupted high speed connectivity with SEACOM bandwidth.

Two months ago on July 23rd, SEACOM announced the landing of its Fibre cable in Mombasa. And today, two months later, Rwandatel is proud to announce that all of its customers can now begin to enjoy the fastest internet speeds yet seen in this part of the world.

Rwandatel’s customers can now expect near-instant e-mail downloads, streaming of real-time multimedia content and quick access of web-based services to be part of their day to day lives. It is expected that education in the form of e-learning will become far more widespread and accessible, cost-effectively and efficiently.

From a commercial angle e-commerce will take on added significance. Small and medium sized business will take advantage of our fast internet to sell their goods to their customers and the world. With easy access and more bandwidth, Rwandatel customers are now able to invest in content rich websites which will attract customers.

Speaking at the occasion, Patrick KARININGUFU, Rwandatel’s CEO said, “there is no doubt it is an exciting and truly transformational time for Rwanda. Education and the Internet are the two synonymous aspects in life”. “As a company, Rwandatel is firmly committed to advancing quality person to person and person to community network through this technology” he added. Mr. Kariningufu explained that after the landing of the SEACOM Fibre optic cable in Mombasa, Rwandatel immediately went into negotiations with SEACOM. These negotiations resulted in the signing of an agreement between the two telecommunication companies on August 20th.

In addition our universities and institutions of higher learning will benefit tremendously from the enormous bandwidth and the greater possibilities to share and acquire access to massive amounts of information. This means that our academic institutions are not only consumers but can upload valuable information into the global superhighway and therefore, introduce a potentially valuable source of revenue.

Rwandatel will continue to deliver high-speed services to a growing number of corporate and individual consumers, without the growth of international capacity being constrained at all. Besides high capacity international bandwidth, Rwandatel customers can enjoy delay-free voice and video services made possible by reduced Round Trip Delay (RTD).