By International Law Office

On September 21 2011 the National Communications Commission (NCC) approved Chunghwa Telecom's application for the Kinmen-Xiamen Submarine Cable Deployment Project. The cable is designed to have a bandwidth capacity transmission speed of 9.6 terabytes per second, which will be further increased according to telecommunications needs. According to Chunghwa Telecom, the project is scheduled for completion by March 2012 and the total construction cost is estimated at around $14 million.

The cable, which will connect Xiamen in China to Kinmen, a small, neighbouring island which is under the control of the Taiwanese government, will be the first direct submarine cable link between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. The cable will consist of two sections – an 11-kilometre (km) work route and an 8.5km protective route. Each section of submarine cable will contain 12 fibre-optic pairs of 80 wavelengths, and each wavelength will have a bandwidth capacity transmission speed of 10 gigabytes a second. Chunghwa Telecom will pay half of the construction costs, with China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom paying the remainder. The equipment will be supplied by Alcatel-Lucent to avoid national security concerns in Taiwan.

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