By AJC Press Release

 Sydney,  Australia Japan Cable and Bharti Airtel announced today a partnership agreement to interconnect their current and future networks in Guam. This landmark agreement will allow both parties to offer services from a number of locations including Singapore and the USA West Coast to Australia. This paves the way to offering new and alternative routes to existing customers and future prospects.

This innovative agreement will utilize the undersea cable assets of Bharti Airtel and AJC. Bharti Airtel will be utilizing its assets on the upcoming AAG “Asia America Gateway” Cable System and AJC will use its assets on its Australia Japan Cable System. The cable systems will be connected in Guam. AJC will provide capacity between Australia and Guam, whilst still offering connectivity to Japan. Bharti Airtel will be provisioning services between Guam and major hubs like Singapore, Japan and the US. The joint network is expected to carry commercial traffic by Q2 FY 08-09.

“With the demand for connectivity to and from Australia growing multifold, a partnership with an established carrier like AJC is a natural fit with our endeavour of developing innovative business solutions that enhance our global network capabilities. Our partnership with AJC, coupled with our investments in AAG will ensure flexible options for connectivity to Australia from anywhere in the world, for business and wholesale customers. This initiative is part of Bharti Airtel's investments of over Rs.1500 crore in the last two years, in existing and upcoming cable routes to create one of the most robust and diverse communications networks in the world,” noted David Nishball, President Enterprise Services, Bharti Airtel

AJC has a longstanding reputation for service excellence on the north south route between Australia and Japan. For some time we have sought to expand our footprint and provide our customers with diversified options to broaden and protect their routes. In this partnership with Bharti Airtel we believe we have secured a seamless low latency transaction to the USA as well as diverse and secure options into India and multiple Asian destinations for our customers,” said Robin Russell, CEO of AJC.

This will offer a completely new route to customers which avoids the areas most prone to seismic activity off the Taiwan region, which have previously resulted in damage to undersea cables and network disruptions, thus offering customers a highly resilient and shorter route.