On August 9th, 2013, Emerald Networks and Vodafone Iceland (Fjarskipti hf) signed a contract for capacity in the Harpa Concert and Conference Center in Reykjavik.

The capacity is on the new Emerald Networks submarine cable system “Emerald Express”, which is a new-build system connecting North America to Europe, with a branch to Iceland.  The cable brings significant new capacity to Iceland and allows Vodafone to handle current – and more importantly – future demand faster.

The system is scheduled to be ready for service in Q3 2014, and Vodafone Iceland plans on using it for communications for at least the next 15 years. Vodafone is the first Icelandic company to sign a contract with Emerald Networks.

Emerald Express cable system The Emerald Express Cable system is the most advanced ‘next generation' undersea telecommunications network ever built, offering low-latency and utilizing superior digital technology. The cable is based on an open-network architecture platform that is agnostic and enables upgrades with a range of new technologies.

The cable landing station in Iceland is in the vicinity of Grindavik, and Emerald will provide backhaul to Reykjavik and on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

The Icelandic investment company Thule Investments manages financing of the project in Iceland.

Executive Comments:

Omar Svavarsson, CEO of Vodafone Iceland: “We are extremely pleased with this contract, and I would like to thank those who have worked on the contract for their pleasant and successful cooperation. This guarantees Vodafone sufficient capacity, increases efficiency in the future, and we expect positive impact on our business. Additionally, the laying of a new submarine cable is of great importance to Iceland. It will boost the country's competitiveness, and having the cable is of great importance to Icelanders.”

Phillip Magiera, CFO of Emerald Networks: “We at Emerald are honored to have been selected by Vodafone Iceland and very pleased to announce this capacity contract.  This is a significant step in securing the Icelandic branch of the Emerald Express cable system.  Emerald brings increased capacity, added security and a direct connection to the USA that will significantly strengthen the case for Data Centers in Icelandand will increase opportunities for Icelandic Internet services and tech companies. For Vodafone Iceland access to The Emerald Express will provide a foundation for secure and reliable high-speed data connection between Iceland, Europe and the US.”