By Alexie Villegas Zotomayor, Marianas Variety

TO ensure seamless connectivity in a typhoon region, Docomo Pacific plans to lay a new telecommunications cable that is expected to cost over $10 million, according to its president and chief executive officer Jonathan Kriegel.

He said they are still in the “exploratory phase of planning,” adding that recent events have prompted Docomo to take a “new, hard look” at the possibility of having its own cable, referring to the recent cable cut and damage caused by typhoons Dolphin and Soudelor.

Kriegel said the high cost of bandwidth on the existing cable is also “creating an artificial distortion in the market.”

He added, “Having a new, second cable would spur economic activity in the region by making it affordable for businesses, healthcare facilities and schools to connect to a high-speed network.”

Kriegel said they are now “looking at a number of options to make the best business decision,” including working with local partners and possibly securing federal or territorial grant money or tax credits.

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