In April 2010, AQEST (Access to Qualified Experts in Submarine Telecommunication) was launched by three submarine cable experts: Jean Devos, Patrick Faidherbe and Georges Krebs, who have known each other for more than twenty years and are already sharing more than 100 years of experience in submarine cable business.

From Feasibility Studies to Project Maintenance, via System Design, Traffic Studies, Business Plans, Requests for Proposal, Supply Contracts Negotiations, Project Management, Marine expertise, Factory Tests, System Tests, etc. AQEST proposes a full range of unmatched expertise all over the world.

Together with dozens of other enthusiasts, Jean Devos, Georges Krebs and Patrick Faidherbe have combined their experience and knowledge to propose to the community a new way of consultancy, closer to customer, closer to reality!

For further information, please contact the AQEST Team: [email protected] or visit AQEST website: