By Emerald Networks

Emerald Networks, a new-build network submarine cable system that will connect North America to Europe and Iceland with extraordinary new capacity, is pleased to announce and welcome Dr. William C. Marra as its new Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Marra has been a leading pioneer in the telecommunication industry for over 35 years. He received his BSEE from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, a MSEE from Stevens Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. for joint work done at Stanford University and Stevens Institute. He joined the basic research organization of AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1969. Since that time he has worked on the development of numerous fiber-optic telecommunications systems for both terrestrial and undersea applications. Dr. Marra also served as the Vice President and General Manager of Tyco Telecommunications (now TE SubCom) and was responsible for all facets of the business inclusive of sales, marine and terrestrial engineering, as well as operations, manufacturing, research and development.

Since 1995 Dr. Marra has led the way in developing network architectural concepts into undersea networks, such as the first transoceanic ring networks, the TPC-5 and TAT-12/13 Cable Networks and has been involved in either the design or management of the design teams for every optical amplifier undersea fiber-optic cable system deployed by Tyco Telecommunications.

Prior to becoming General Manager of Tyco Telecommunications, Dr. Marra served as CTO of Research, Development, VP of Network Engineering and Operations for Tyco Telecommunications and was responsible for developing new product technologies and overall network design and engineering for all of Tyco Telecommunication's undersea projects, including third party systems and Tyco's own Global Network (TGN). Today, TGN, which was purchased by VSNL International in July, 2005, reaches more than 15 cities on three continents and includes Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific, regional European and regional Asian connectivity.

“I joined Emerald Networks due to its uniqueness and the timing for the system is ideal, given the age of existing infrastructure,” said Dr. Marra. “It will be the first 100G coherent system deployed in the Atlantic and the route is unique, offering customers commercial diversity, long term pricing stability and an optimized latency. Our system, Emerald Express, will serve traditional telecommunication services as well as those seeking cost effective capacity for Data Center services. We chose TE SubCom as our wet plant supplier as a result of their lead position of the new coherent technology that we are deploying only limited in capacity by the technologies being utilized for the dry plant equipment. The wet plant will be optimized for future growth. It's an exciting time and Emerald Networks looks forward to bringing this system into service”

About Emerald Networks

Emerald Networks, , with headquarters in Atlanta GA, is a new-build network submarine cable system “Emerald Express” that will connect North America to Europe and Iceland with extraordinary new capacity and will be a low-latency network across the Atlantic. It will be the first 100G system with a unique route that links Shirley, New York to the West Coast of Ireland with a branch connection to Grindavik, Iceland and a future branch connection to Sesimbra, Portugal. The system is scheduled to be ready for service by fourth quarter 2013.