Press Release

Global Marine Systems Limited, the world leader in subsea system design, installation and maintenance has been awarded an extension of the North America Maintenance Zone (NAZ)submarine cable maintenance contract up to 31st December 2024. This long-term extension demonstrates the consortium owners' confidence in Global Marine’s capabilities to deliver highly responsive and well-executed maintenanceprovision to all members.

NAZ covers a cable maintenance footprint, which stretches from the Eastern North Pacific to the Equator. Global Marine has been providing cable maintenance services from its base port in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada since January 2012 providing dedicated year-round cover to the region. Global Marine’s track record in the North Pacific extends back further, when in 1991 it installed and maintained the first repeatered system linking the US mainland with Japan.

This new contract will see Global Marine expand the cable storage capacity at the Victoria depot in British Columbia. Additionally, the purpose built cable ship Cable Innovator will replace CS Wave Venture from the 1st February 2017, bringing improved DPS-2 functionality. The repair vessel stores strategic spares in its cable tanks to support rapid mobilisation in the event of a fault and is equipped with COTDR and deep water ROV capability to support the detection of faults on ultra-long haul systems.

“Maintaining submarine telecom systems is something we are good at and very passionate about.” said John Walters, Maintenance Director at Global Marine, “We are delighted to extend our services in this part of the world. The North Pacific Ocean presents a harsh operating environment in the winter months and the appointment of Cable Innovator to Victoria will enhance our responsiveness to maintain those critical internet services in the worst of weather conditions.”

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