Jeff Seal of Telecom Review opens proceedings today, giving general overview of the day's events.  One notable part is that video and related materials from today can be found of

He finished by announcing today's Keynote Speak, Cambodian Ambassador Hem Heng.

“It is evident that success would not be possible without a strong communications sector,” say's Heng about the recent growth of his country.  He goes on to talk about the growth of EZComm.

“Today EZ Comm is not just instrumental in advancing the communications sector in Cambodia,” say's Heng, but it puts his country on the map in the communications industry.

“It will prepare the country for a great leap forward at a time when companies and countries are looking to do business with Cambodia.”

With the new cable system being built, the Ambassador explains the great improvement that the improved connectivity will bring his country.

“I would like to take this chance to thank EZ Comm for helping the rebuilding of Cambodia…  We look forward to connecting to the rest of the world.”