By Seaborn Networks

Seaborn Networks, the developer and operator of the first express submarine cable system between the United States and Sao Paulo, Brazil, announced today that Erikas Napjus, a recognized expert on global carrier-grade telecommunications, has been elected to Seaborn Networks' board of directors.

During his tenure at Google, Erikas founded and built Google's Global Infrastructure organization, an organization focused on identifying and selecting network infrastructure and data centers around the world to satisfy Google's extreme growth in the most cost-effective manner.

Erikas built Google into one of the world's largest and most expansive carrier-grade networks, which included significant investments in undersea cables including the funding, design, and construction of the Unity cable system between Tokyo and Los Angeles, as well as a wide range of strategic and commercial transactions with virtually every major carrier around the world.

Prior to his work building Google's telecommunications infrastructure, Erikas was responsible for all of Yahoo!'s international infrastructure operations, including teams in ten countries across five continents. He was also an early developer of Internet technologies at Carnegie Mellon University Computing Services.

“We are very fortunate to have Erikas join our board of directors,” said Larry Schwartz, CEO of Seaborn Networks. “Erikas is widely recognized as a leader in the global telecommunications industry. He is both innovative and pragmatic, and brings a depth of industry knowledge that will be complementary to our corporate objectives.”

Erikas commented, “Seaborn Networks is one of the most innovative submarine cable businesses in the world and I am honored to join its board. We share a common vision as to the future of the submarine cable industry and I look forward to assisting Seaborn to become a leading operator on the long-overdue US to Brazil route with plans to expand to other high demand routes in the future.”

About Seaborn Networks

Seaborn Networks is the developer and operator of Seabras-1, the first express submarine cable system between the United States and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Seabras-1 is a 32 Tbps system that will connect Miami and Sao Paulo, with a branch that lands in Fortaleza, Brazil. Activation is scheduled for 2014. Seaborn is also the first submarine cable operator in the world to offer consortium-like pricing with the flexibility of a private cable capacity purchase. Seaborn was founded by successful submarine cable and wholesale carrier executives with experience in designing, building and operating many of the world's largest submarine and terrestrial networks. Prior submarine systems designed, built and operated by Seaborn's workforce represent a total of 75 landing stations, 250 points of presence and 250,000 km of submarine cable (more than 6X the circumference of the earth). For additional information, see