By Huawei

Huawei Marine Networks Co., Ltd. (“Huawei Marine”) today announced it has successfully delivered the Hannibal submarine cable communications system for Tunisie Telecom. Spanning 180 km of the Mediterranean Sea, connecting Tunisia's Kelibia with Italy's Mazara del Vallo, the system provides an initial capacity of 40 Gb/s and is readily upgradeable up to 3.2 Tb/s.

In close cooperation with Tunisie Telecom, Huawei Marine formed a project team of senior industry experts to design and implement a series of detailed project plans and exhaustive risk response measures in order to complete its first turnkey submarine cable project. By fully utilizing the resources of its parent companies, Huawei Technologies and Global Marine Systems, Huawei Marine successfully delivered the project in only eight months.

“As well as meeting the growing demand for bandwidth in Tunisia, the Hannibal system has fortified the security of its international connections,” said Mr. Montassar Ouaili, chairman and CEO of Tunisie Telecom. “The successful delivery relies heavily on Huawei Marine's leading technical solution and professional delivery capabilities. It proves that Huawei Marine is the best choice and a dependable partner.” “In the Hannibal project, we applied our cutting-edge unrepeatered solution to system design and installation. Huawei Marine is committed to offering high-performance and reliable submarine cable systems that maximize benefits for customers.” said Nigel Bayliff, CEO of Huawei Marine.

About Tunisie Telecom

Tunisie Telecom is the incumbent telecommunication network and service provider in Tunisia. The operator offers a full range of fixed, mobile and satellite telephony services. It also provides ADSL services to its residential and business subscribers.

About Huawei Marine

Huawei Marine Networks Co., Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Huawei Marine”) is a joint venture established by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huawei”) and Global Marine Systems Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Global Marine”). Based on the advantages of the two parent companies, Huawei Marine integrates the state-of-the-art technologies in telecommunications and the experiences of marine operation near 100 years, committing itself to the construction of global submarine cable communication networks. Huawei Marine provides highly reliable, cost-effective solutions and end-to-end services including project management, installation, and technical support for submarine cable system operators.